Fast Prototype Services

Developing a game is a big step, what if I invest all my money and the game fails? What if my idea is not liked by my users or I receive bad reviews?

We know these fears and we anticipate them by offering our MVP services.

What does it mean?


We create an MVP of your game, enhancing your three most unique values. Do you want your game to be fun above all else or are you more interested in improving the game experience?


You choose the three values that you would like to enhance the most in your game, and we'll put the focus there to get the best results.


Once your game MVP is done, we'll test it with focus groups that match your ideal client and they'll give you the feedback you need to validate your game or improve it.

How do we work?

How to Start

We write the user stories.
We give you a rough estimate of
the cost.
You share your game idea
and requirements.
We do an Intake Questionnaire
Session to gather all the needed information and explain how our process is.

MVP Building Phase

We do a Game Brand Workshop to better understand your game:

Top values; What, How, Why;
Brand Personality; 3 Uniques;
Ideal Customer; 3 Year Plan
We propose some game mechanic sets and you choose the ones you love.
We develop prototypes to ensure they work.
We test the prototypes with potential users. If the prototypes are not meeting expectations, we go back to 2.

Final Phase

We modify the user stories based on the MVP Building Phase.
We give you an estimation of the final implementation.

We cover every part of the process

Marketing Materials
(Landing Page, Logo, and Assets)

Our Guarantee

We take care of the soft launch process and
testing with focus groups, with the guarantee to
resolve any issues that appear during the game
process and make all the necessary changes.

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